Merry Christmas one and all. I shall keep things brief this week. I’m sure many of you aren’t in the frame of mind for reading about Industrial production/consumer price inflation and all those other fun things related to the currency markets. More of a focus for you will be your New Year’s Eve party I am sure. Before the festivities commence tomorrow I would just like to throw in a couple of things as we close out this year and welcome in 2015.

As everyone is aware the US Dollar proved to be the currency of choice for 2014. It advanced dramatically against the EUR on a 12 month basis and also advanced against Sterling in the second part of 2014. As stated throughout this year I expect US Dollar strength to make further gains in 2015. If you are a USD buyer you may want to start thinking about your 2015 exposure now. Of course, I may be completely wrong and GBP/USD may rally back up although I don’t see that occurring. Our forecasts for 2014 have proven to be pretty close to current market rates.

·         My forecast for GBP/USD in 2015 is 1.45

·         My forecast for EUR/USD in 2015 is 1.10

·         My forecast for GBP/EUR in 2015 is 1.32

At the beginning of January I will go into detail on the reasons why I think we will trade at these levels. In the interim, should you have any questions please send me an email or alternatively get in touch with one of the trading team. They will be on hand to discuss and implement strategies with you and execute any outstanding transactions you need to do.

Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and I look forward to speaking with and seeing many of you in 2015.

Best wishes.

Written by Liam Alexander