Foriegn Direct Investments Awards

Aston Currency Management are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the ‘Best Financial Services and Forex Provider’ category at the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Awards.  Nominees in the category must demonstrate themselves to be outstanding providers of financial services, currency exchange and related services. The winner will have delivered outstanding service to clients and ensured the efficient management of foreign direct investment.

What Are The FDI Awards?

Established in 2013 the FDI Awards celebrate the best in inward investment and foreign direct investment services.

These Awards are presented to those high-net worth individuals, companies and organisations who by their splendid efforts have facilitated the remarkable success story that is Foreign Direct Investment into the United Kingdom.

What Next

We’re proud to be recognised as one of the best financial services and forex providers in the UK and hope that we’re able to bring the award home on the 22nd March. 

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