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Job Description - Head of payments

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Job Title

Head of Payments


Payments, Operations & Administration; Management Support


Negotiable based upon experience

Purpose of Role

Primarily management of the payments function and operations support– responsible for ensuring the complete end-to-end processing of the companiestransactions and payments. Responsible for ensuring that the appropriate control framework exists to ensure the accuracy of this processing as well as the recording/reporting of any errors.

Position and
Reporting Line

Core Operations Team; Reporting to Management Team

Key Relationships


  • Management Team – Head of Trading, MLRO

  • Other Executive team members (CEO)

  • Client Operations leads

  • Operations team

  • Trading team


  • Communications with counterparties, partners and suppliers for banking and technology

  • Client relationships for client operations and payment support

  • Accounting, audit and finance professional services support


Payments Management

  • Daily reconciliation of bank accounts to CRM systems across business

  • Accounting for bank charges across currency accounts; Buying back bank charges for trades as needed

  • Uploading payments via banking providers

  • Formatting and uploading bulk payment files

  • Formatting and sending manual payment files

  • Payment authorisation across company accounts

  • Reviewing and approving of payments

  • Verifying new accounts details verbally with clients and approving on CRM systems

  • Liaise with banks and counter parties on any payment queries or compliance questions

Process Improvement

  • Working with MLRO on implementation and ensuring compliance with CASS regulations

  • Working with banking and technology providers to improve integration, automation and streamline processes

  • Working with the team to improve knowledge around banks/payments and service provided to clients

Payments Analytics

  • Running reports for late/non-payment of trades

  • Running reports for untraded balances. Notifying traders.

  • Running reports for trades without payment instructions. Notifying traders.

  • Running reports for management for balance breakdown across the business

  • Logging payment errors and counter party queries

Client Operations / Compliance Support / Administration

  • Working with trading/compliance to provide evidence where needed such as invoices

  • Sending payment confirmations to clients

  • Managing the payments mailbox

  • Produce bank statements for clients

  • Using compliance tools to screen incoming/outgoing payments

  • Assisting MLRO making ACM compliant with any new payment regulations

  • Requesting swift confirmations/amendments/traces when needed

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensuring accurate preparation of payments

  • Accurate recording of transactions across company CRM systems

  • Delivery of effective analytical reports

  • Identifying issues with transactions day to day, and reporting to Management

  • Effective management of counter party relationships and operations for delivery

  • Support MLRO with compliance of payments regulations

Key Work Objectives and KPIs

  • Work with management to ensure effective payment function, reporting and CASS compliance

  • Ensure integrity of payments for the business

  • Lead efficient day to day operations of the payment function across ACM

  • Support trading team with effective client operations and communication relating to payments

  • Assist the development of Aston banking and technology infrastructure

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