Dear Clients,

It is our great pleasure to announce the new look of our website here at Aston Currency Management.

We like to maintain an accurate reflection of our core values at all times with all our published and promotional material and hope that this is evident here with the new look Aston branding.

Our client centric approach continues to give us some of the most coveted statistics in the industry and attract the brightest and the best to Aston.

Our move to a larger office in Mayfair has allowed us to open up new markets and currencies and to maintain our lead not only as the premier brand in the sector but also one of the most innovative and reactive.

Please have a look at the new website if you have a chance and provide us with any feedback, it will be greatly appreciated.

For a further insight into some of the markets we are interested in please listen to my interview on Share Radio this week here - (I join the interview at 15:05).

With warm regards from all of us at Aston.

James Bennett

Senior Partner