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At Aston Currency Management we strive to understand our clients and deliver to their needs.

For you to choose a service provider that differs from the norm we recognise that you are giving us your trust and loyalty.

Our Mission

Efficiently matching clients needs with tailored solutions

Our treasury and corporate solutions are perfectly suited for large corporations that require an integrated, efficient and personalised approach. We work with corporate clients to help them mitigate their exposure to currency risk, lower costs and maximise situations to their advantage. Our aim is to become your trusted partner.


Duty of Care


Trust and Loyalty


Clearly Defined Steps


Whom you select to carry out your foreign currency exchange can have an immediate effect on your transaction costs and we only seek to improve these.

Were we to not consistently achieve the highest standards of service and performance, Aston Currency Management could not maintain the reputation for transparency, excellence and efficiency that we currently enjoy.



You will be invited to meet with us, without obligation and at a time and place convenient to you, during which we can listen to what you need from us.



Statements can be provided on a regular or ad-hoc basis on request. Should you, the client, wish to be kept informed on a specific topic, currency pairing or strategy you will be proactively contacted by your account manager via a predefined method

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